About Us

Great Wall Motor (GWM) is China’s largest SUV manufacturer with more than 80,000 employees around the world. In addition GWM is one of the most successful Chinese car makers. GWM pursues the strategic goal to develop leading vehicle technology with intensive investment in research and development.

GWM India R & D center has been established in 2016 at Bangalore India. Main focus of GWM India is Software Development for Hybrid and Battery Electric Vehicles, Artificial Intelligence for Self Driving Cars.

Our Future

Building the best!

We are on our path to becoming a multinational company with international brands, globalised markets and modern management methods. We continue to develop robust software and strive to “build the best vehicles”

Developing new Ideas!

Constant innovation at Great Wall has resulted in ongoing development of environmental friendly technologies. By applying energy saving designs and developing ecologically responsive technologies including EV and hybrid powertrains, Great Wall constantly strives to better global emission regulations.

Autonomous Driving System (ADS)

Automakers are striving to build the next-generation of intelligent vehicles. One central area is the development of autonomous driving system (ADS), where a vehicle may drive itself without the aid of a human under certain conditions.
GWM is developing innovative solutions for ADS which require silico like sensors, computing stack, software with a multitude of complex functions such as perception, localization & mapping, sensor fusion, routing, behaviour planning, motion planning, path planning, controls, simulation, data analytics, verification, validation, systems and functional safety. Each functional area is necessary to provide highly automated features and sufficient capability that will enable realization of safe automation for GWM customers.


HCU is the central controller of a hybrid vehicle and the master of the CAN-bus based vehicle control network. It determines the overall driving behaviour of the vehicle. Team develops the logic for the controller to manage the total system energy (engine + batteries) and coordinate the power output from the hybrid powertrain along with other essential vehicle functions. The team has successfully developed and released software for the Wey P8 hybrid SUV-Coupe and are constantly designing, implementing and updating the software for various other projects.

Team is involved in requirement analysis, core programming and logic design, basic software modules, interface layer that facilitates the required information exchange, Unit Testing and Integration Testing.



Vehicle electrification and new powertrain systems are driving the introduction of Vehicle Control Units (VCU) that act as domain controller for electric vehicles. The VCU reads sensor signals, for example, brakes, charger connection and it then acts to balance the system energy, optimize torque, and control the motor, HV battery pack and the on-board charging system up to charger lock.

Team is involved in requirement analysis, core programming and logic design, basic software modules Unit Testing and Integration Testing.

Battery Management System(BMS)

The importance of Battery Pack energy storage in all industries has clearly made the BMS as one of the key differentiating factors for success. Maximum performance, safe operation and optimal lifespan under diverse environmental conditions is what the team works toward.

GWM is involved in Requirements management, Base software, Application Software development & Test Case generation for HIL testing to support various different vehicle programs like the full electric, Plug-in Hybrid, Low cost variants, Industrial batteries. Application SW is developed using Model Based Development tools like Matlab/Simulink and Base SW uses AUTOSAR architecture.

Your Career

Great Wall offers many opportunities you should not miss. Become a part of a global R & D team and work on Hybrid, Battery vehicles and Artificial Intelligence solutions for the future vehicles.

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